Monday, March 14, 2011

Modem Pool 16 Port - Q2403A

-USB2.0 GSM GPRS modem pool 16, Low cost high quality,SMS software, sending and receiving BULK SMS,data
-16ports RS232 GSM/GPRS modem pool
-Industrial design
-Aluminum casing
-Dual-band 900/1800MHz
-3V SIM card slot
-RS232 interface
-SIM application toolkit
-Send and receive data, e-mail, and SMS
-Maximum transmitting speed 115.2Kbps
-GPRS class 10
-Antenna with high sensitivity
-Always on-line
-Conforms with ETSI GSM phase 2 and standard
-Output power:
*Class 42W at 900MHz
*Class 11W at 1,800MHz
Input voltage: 6 to 36V DC
Input current: 1 to 2A
Standby current: 56mA
Working current: 100 to 140mA
Working temperature: -20 to 55C
Storage temperature: -25 to 70C
Dual tone multiple frequency function (DTMF)
GSM data features:
Data circuit asynchronous, transparent
And non transparent up to 14,400 bits/s
MNP2, V.42bis
GPRS packet data features:
GPRS class 10, PBCCH supported
Coding schemes: CS1 to CS4
Compliant with SMG31bis
Short messages services features:
Text and PDU
Point to point (MT/MO)
Cell broadcast
Overall dimensions: 400 x 120 x 128mm
Weight: 3.12kg
Accessories: 1 PCI card, 1 RS232 cable, 16antennaS, and 1 power cable

- Gratis Ongkos Kirim ( DEJABOTABEK )
- Harga Rp. 5.250,000,-

Berminat ??
Silahkan kontak sales kami.
YM1: toekang.modem03 ( Johan )
YM2: toekang.modem02 ( Alex )
YM3: toekang.modem ( Hendra )

Telp.021- 32764881
Telp.021- 32764889
Telp.021- 44302822

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